Thursday, February 09, 2012

Hubby Needs A New Valentine

Posted by Anonymous.

Hubby needs a New Valentine!
One who will be tolerant of his childhood training.

My Motherinlaw was raised on a tenant farm absorbing the Slave Cultures needs to lie and keep secrets. Hubby's Mother trained him to tell stories and make things up for entertainment...She was bored by her life as a pastors wife, so to addressed it she trained her little boy to entertain her at every turn with outlandish stories, and so a Great Colossal Self Promoting Story Telling Man was Created!
The Long term Side Effects of her Creation ..chronic inability to mature...temper tantrums when he doesn't get praised for his lying.... pretending to pay the Bills...pretending to get a Masters degree ....On line Pornography addiction...Pretending all this is Not Cheating on your Spouse...
"Hubby Needs" seem to be the only thing we are allowed to address at our house. This technically is termed IDOL Worship...hahahahaha He really does Not Like the Fact that this has been Identified and spent most of last year leaving the house pretending to go to work trying to regain control over the worshipers
There are a lot of differing concepts concerning Hubby's issues...My Favorite advise is "Don't Take it to Personally" He uses this one all the time! If He were a 22 year old drug addict they would tell me to use tuff love and throw him out! But he is a hubby and a Father so he gets special treatment! If I want out I have to move to the streets because well technically he is not abusing me physically so there is no abuse?!?!!!!
Our Daughter rarely gets a Christmas or Easter Dress.....Hubby spent her last years home school grant on bills he didn't pay. Hubby balks at the idea that he is responsible for 50% of this relationship and 100 % as leader of the household. He acctually has a BA Degree is Phychology and he had to read Books about becomeing a Man to figure out What he is Doing is acctually WRONG?!?!
In Counseling ....Yes we have been to Plenty...they Do NOT CONFRONT the Problems they quietly exspect the irresponsible party to mature past their issues and stop createing Hell...But I have yet to see this process produce even a noted amount of improvement over 23 years...he just comes up with a New Issue...Like Pretending to Believe in God?!?!
The truth is he is trained to Do all of this to the core of his being ....its generational. It took me 15 years to figure out that the lying was generational..hahahahaha about the time his 65 year old cousin found out uncle bill was his Dad!..They had lied to him for 65 years....
My Favorite all time Lie.....I Love you enough to Stay Married to you dont I ?!?!?! This is not a consolation Prize this is a Valentine box filled with Mixed Chocolates ...most of them are gonna taste sweet and sickly and your NOT gonna like em so you just eat the the ones with NUTS...Because its NUTS!
By the way just call me
"The Whore that married the Pastors Son"
I wear the title with Honer Now
and a red string tied around my ankle to remind me who I believe In