Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Help An Academi-Mom

Posted by Bobita

Are you a mom? Do you blog?

I am a mom trying to finish my PhD; and I need YOUR help!

I am conducting academic research FOR you and ABOUT you. I have a particular interest in studying those things that make the transition to motherhood easier, or at the very least, better understood. The growing number of “Mommy Bloggers” has piqued my interest and I am researching the experience of blogging for mothers of young children. Your help would be greatly appreciated and go a long way toward increasing the knowledge of the ways in which blogging can be meaningful for people like mothers.

Please complete my survey and let me know about your blogging experience.

Please click HERE to learn more, or simply click the web button that you see below.

I know your time is valuable, thank you so much for participating.

mom blogger web button


Major Bedhead said...

I did it from HBM's regular site. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What a crop of poop! I went there and agreed to participate. It asked me my age, gender, race, & how many kids. Then it asked if any of them were under 5. I answered no. And then it said I was done.....lol. Really? Seriously? You mean to tell me my experiences raising infants and toddlers and being a mommy then are now null and void because my kids are now just on the other side of 5. Hooooooohoooooohaaa! Ya, right!

Anonymous said...

Done, and just had to say I graduated from there!

Anonymous said...


I am sorry to read that you had a negative experience with being excluded from my research. I did not mean any malice in so doing.

You see, my research project is pretty huge. I had to draw a line somewhere, in order to make my questions and the number of possible participants more manageable. So, one of my "lines" was parents of children 5 and younger. I did this because there is a very clear transition for parents that happens when their children enter the school system. It made sound theoretical sense to limit the participants to parents of children 5 and younger.

Your experiences as a parent are very meaningful and your exclusion from my research should, in no way, cause you to feel that your opinions as a parent are null and void.

I appreciate your willingness to discuss your reaction to the survey and can only hope that I have addressed your concerns in a meaningful way.

Bobbie Sue