Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bad Is As Bad Does (An Apology)

Hey everybody. I owe you all a BIG apology.

It's been a month since I posted any submissions. And there are submissions to post, it's just that I haven't posted them, which is unfair, because you dared to write them, and send them, and I've let you down by not posting them. But the months prior to the holiday season were exceptionally difficult for me, and I struggled - not always successfully - with too many demons and it was just beyond me to delve into the heartache of others, and so I was lazy with posting, and then over the holidays, I stopped entirely. I'm sorry. I shouldn't let my issues get in the way of this space being what it is.

I'll be resuming posting this week. I'm also working to integrate the Basement into my main site, so that it's more accessible from there. But I'll keep posting your posts in the meantime. Please do keep sending them. I learned over the holidays that sometimes, turning your attention to others - to their joys and their sadnesses and everything in between - can be just what the heart needs. So, yes. Please keep sending. And please keep reading.

And please accept my apology for failing you.