Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Secret Lair

When I began blogging, I didn't care who knew. Family, in-laws, friends, acquaintances, anybody was welcome to have a look. Anyone that I had semi-regular contact with eventually found out - instead of regularly sending e-mail updates and photos of WonderBaby, I could simply direct people to the blog and be done with the extra correspondence (which I famously suck at). So I did. You wanna know how WonderBaby is? Check out my blog. Come one, come all.

But as blogging became a greater part of my life, and the process of writing became increasingly purgative, I began straining against the limitations imposed by my original open-door policy. I wanted to write - vent - about my frustrations with certain people in my life, but couldn't do so, because of the possibility that they would come across such rants in the blog.

So I decided to start a semi-secret blog. I say semi-secret because I intend for it to be open to the blogging community - I will mention it in comments, when relevant, and will be happy if other bloggers link to it. I'll probably keep it listed in my profile, as well. This may be courting disaster, but hey. I live on the edge.

My first order of business will be to un-un-rant the Un-Rant, the subject of which I couldn't reveal and which tormented me so for a few days a while back. Stay tuned.


Mega Mom said...

I found it, I found it. I love the secret stuff. I'd love one for the out-laws!

chichimama said...

I found it too, although by mistake! I am on a differnet computer and didn't have your old site bookmarked, LOL.

I've thought I need to do a similar move...let me know how it goes!

Annie, The Evil Queen said...

I've been very tempted to do this myself. I gave everyone on my Christmas card list my blog site and so now I feel like I can't write about sex and relatives. Especially since I know my in-laws and Dad read every day. Creepy. None of those people need to know the story surrounding the loss of my virginity. I hope this secret site works out for you. Keep us posted!

Michele said...

I feel so naughty, but in a good way.

I have not told anyone except my sister about my blogging. I may need the anonymity one day. I did delete one post though, a long ways back. Out of unfounded fear of retribution from a rather unbalanced sister-in-law. No more.

kittenpie said...

I have been planning to blog today about the fact that my blog was a total secret from anyone I knew in the "real" world, until my husband found it this weekend... Ack! Now I feel funny about what I can write and about my hitherto loose style, knowing he might read it. Not that I've ever bitched about him, but, you know. I might need to.

bunmaster said...

Oh Bad Mother you are real bad. So rockin' bad. And sneaky. Good for you.

I don't know how many times I've been tempted to do the same. I even have a secret blog started but I never seem to get around to posting anything there. It just takes too much time to do all the ranting I want to get off my chest, but hey, maybe this will be the inspiration I need to do some anonymous bitching.

Her Bad Mother said...

Oooh, found out! Good.

I'll be following up real soon.

Mother Bumper said...

good good. I await the secrets and gossip. I'll bring s'mores.

Granny said...

Secrets? Always safe with me.

Granny said...

I'm pretty much an open book but I'm a little circumspect on my blog because I may be saving it for the girls as a sort of journal.

So there are some things that my family knows, most of my friends know but I'd just soon not tell the kids.

Especially when it concerns them.

Like their dad will probably never stay out of jail for more than 3 months at a stretch and their mom is a sweetie with an emotional age younger than they are. Female Peter Pan?

That sort of thing.

Jacy said...

I am confused. A secret blog? It's on the Internet, so how secret can it be?

How about this -- buy an old-fashioned journal and rant the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper, about things you don't want people to know about, and hide it under your mattress. Or do you need the interaction with commenters?

I am not being antagonistic -- I just don't quite get the concept of a "secret blog" if you are linking to it from your other blog and both are on the net for the world to see. Help?

Her Bad Mother said...


Here's the problem with commenting on posts that are two months old: things change, issues are addressed, questions are answered.

A passing glance at the most recent post (and a click on the link to the relevant post on my other site) will tell you that this blog is not-so-secret, and that any pretense of all-out secrecy has been dropped. The 'Basement' is now a hang-out for those who want to talk off-blog - post something that they can't/won't post on their own blog.

And yes, sometimes they will do so secretly, as Anonymous did above, by posting anonymously or pseudonymously. Because - yes - sometimes, much of the time, the interaction with commenters really does matter. See Anon's comment to her commenters above. Community matters.

Jacy said...

I'm sorry, I wasn't reading you two months ago, just saw your Monday post today, so I didn't know the history. Wasn't trying to be pissy, just wasn't quite understanding the concept. And I agree that community is key -- it's nice to know other like-minded people are out there.

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