Saturday, January 27, 2007

Anyone, anyone?

It's been pretty quiet, here in the Basement. Which is fine - good even - if it means that a) we're few or none of us struggling with issues that can only be aired in a very safe place, or b) finding other venues for the airing of our issues.

Me, I could use some airing/venting, but it's kind of difficult for me to speak anonymously here, especially when the space has been otherwise quiet. It's something of a catch-22 for me - if the Basement is busy, I feel that I could slip in unnoticed, and post anonymously about something that's been bothering me... but if it's busy, I don't want to crowd out someone else's story. On the other hand, when it's quiet - like now - there's ample room for superfluous HBM ranting... but in the quiet of the Basement my voice is more likely to get recognized.

Does that really matter, having my voice, and so my darker or more embarassing stories, recognized? Probably not, but I'm still not ballsy enough to go there with some things - my pseudonymity hasn't really got me covered in real life, and there are just some things that I'd prefer colleagues and acquaintances and extended family members not listen in on.

I'm feeling a bit cowardly - I've really prided myself on my bravery in writing, on my willingness to look silly/stupid/incompetent/insecure - but it's a reasonable sort of cowardice, I think. And so I'm sitting down here, in the Basement, waiting for someone else to speak up, so that I can throw my voice in, uninhibited.

Which is to say - this is a rambly and long-winded way of asking if anyone out there wants to get talking? On, say, post-partum physical insecurities? Challenging in-laws? Challenging relationships generally?

I've got wine, and tea, and cookies, and a sympathetic ear, and stories of my own. Wanna share?


Anonymous said...

if we don't have a blog can we share?

Anonymous said...

i was going to post but i have a yahoo account and couldn't figure out how to use the email link to email you. could you post the email where we send posts too?

Her Bad Mother said...

You absolutely DO NOT need a blog to do a post - just send what you want posted to me (anonymous or not) and I'll put it up.

Send posts or questions to

Anonymous said...

I want to share. I've been writing to you over and over in my head. I was actually going to sit and write tonight, but now I'm too tired and I'm considering just laying down on the couch to sleep until the baby wakes up. In any case, thanks for having this place for us.