Monday, August 25, 2008

Let The Bitching Begin

The Bitchfest (aka BetchFest, aka Festival Of Rants, aka I Has Issues, Let Me Show You Them) is just about ready to roll. If you have already e-mailed me (betchfest at, then you're on the mail-list and are being tallied into the roundtable as we speak. If you want to join in, but have not yet e-mailed me (with your preferences for inclusion - hosting a rant, posting a rant, or both - noted in the subject line), then get on it.

The Bitchfest will take place this weekend. Yes, I know that it's a long weekend, but that means that we have four full days in which to bitch and rant. Also, it means that you can just get it all off your chest before you hit the beach or whatever for the last time this summer and just enjoy yourself, secure in the knowledge that if you have one too many margaritas there will be little risk of you going off on some unsuspecting MIL/DIL/spouse/neighbor/whomever because you already dealt with that shiz, hurrah!

Assignments will be circulated by e-mail by Wednesday. Full details about how it will all work will be posted (here) by then, too.

Any questions, fire away in comments below. I'll try to respond as best I can.



Amy Urquhart said...

Holy GAH The long weekend is THIS WEEKEND? How did that happen?!

Maddy said...

Well I'm glad you reminded me about the long weekend!

carrie said...


Anonymous said...

oh, i do think i need to be a part of this. do tell me what i must do.

Karen MEG said...

Ack, I didn't read this before my rant... guess I'll have to come up with another one ;)

Anonymous said...

If there's a space left, I'd like it!