Friday, November 07, 2008

Redemption In A Baby Album?

Posted by Amanda.

it's sunday. it's sunday again, and again i have put off everything. i always look forward to the weekend, thinking of the many things i will accomplish - oh how productive i will be. friday rolls around and i make mental lists, plan my time; strategize cleaning, organizing, sports, time with my son, finally getting that baby album together (hey, he's only 6...). during the week i convince myself that my inability to accomplish much at home is because i am so busy (work, mom duties, errands, every after school activity under the sun) and that redemption will come in the form of a weekend well utilized. yet every weekend, sunday evening comes and i begin to panic, start beating myself up for having finished practically nothing on my list. the minutes go by and i think to myself "do something! the week is about to begin again and you will have no time until next weekend!" i let myself watch a re-run of "law and order" or "i love lucy" - the two shows which seem forever on, making it difficult to differentiate days and times. i know, i'll check my email for the hundred and third time today. procrastination. and now it's almost time to make dinner. i can hear my son building with legos in his room. i take a deep breath knowing that after dinner there will be games, stories, then bed. there will be no redemption this weekend. the list will wait. who needs a perfect baby album anyway? i think i'll go play with my son.


Anonymous said...

Yup, happens to me all the time. I plan a productive weekend, and then things take longer than I anticipate or something happens to screw everything up. Getting motivated is hard work. Have you tried Flylady? It might help.

Good luck.

Mrs. Case said...

I don't have kids yet but I totally could've writtent his myself. I, too, procrastinate and then beat myself up for it. I am alway sleft wondering where the heck my weekends went.

Unknown said...

I am so glad to know I am not the only one out there that ends up with a gone weekend, and undeveloped pictures. I know how you feel!