Thursday, November 19, 2009

Solutions Needed (Please Help)

Posted by Anonymous.

Solutions needed

  1. living and being supported by in-laws

  2. while husband lives in another state with friends

  3. to be near clients

  4. no vehicles in either of our names

  5. four children, 9 and under

  6. virtually no income currently

  7. it's been since January 2009

  8. cannot move to in-laws town (officially, anyway)--we have absolutely no “warm market” here to support our business (in fact, all family has outright refused to give us any leads—they're not comfortable referring friends to us; you know, because we're family).

  9. I have the background to do a preschool/daycare

  10. but, as we're living in someone else's home, I'm trying not to make to many waves.

  11. Would state aid take my in-laws income into account, if we applied, since we live with them?

  12. The state is UT



Anonymous said...

I listen to Dave Ramsey everyday and I feel like he gives good advice in these types of situations. I believe he would say that you're biggest issue is that you have an income crisis (no income). So my advice would be to take on as many jobs as you can...even if that means delivering pizza's and spending a lot less time with family. You don't have to do it forever but until you get on your feet. It sounds like you have your own business, and if so, if it's not producing income then maybe it's time to give up on that and find a job (or mulitple jobs) making money. I don't believe in asking for financial aid if you're capable of working...but that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I really am wondering why it is so important for your husband to live with friends in another state "to be near clients" if you haven't had income in almost a year?! Here's my help: give up this "business" and both of you get in the same state and get jobs doing anything you can to bring in money. Maybe there is a reason your families won't give you leads and you aren't doing well in this business?!

Anonymous said...

Agree with the others...put the business on the sidelines and start working for other people to bring in an income.

Can you get a job in a preschool or established daycare, rather than running your own?

4 kids under 9 with no income is scary, but it sounds like your in-laws are helping. You need to find any job you can at this point to get some money coming in, and your husband does too. Living separately has financial and non-financial together and do whatever work is available.

Kathy said...

i agree that income is the most important. perhaps try many of the families allow you to bring your young children with you and some even have good benefits. at this point any job will do.

Anonymous said...

Get a job at a daycare center, you don't need to do it in your home.

Unknown said...

I live in Ohio so I'm not familiar with Utah's regulations regarding public assistance benefits, but usually they're similar from state to state because the federal rules are the same. So here's how it works in Ohio: If you apply for cash assistance, medicaid, and/or child care subsidies, your in-laws income would generally not be taken into account (it could be in some instances, but not usually). Your eligibility would be determined based on the income that you and your husband earn. There is a work requirement for cash assistance - essentially you're working for the monthly check you receive from the state. If you do the math it usually comes out to about $2+ per hour for that monthly welfare check so you're better off getting a job if you can find one. The goal here in Ohio is to get people working (and that's definitely tough now, but possible) so there's a big focus on work supports - training, food stamps, medical coverage, and child care (where your monthly copay is prorated based on your income and the hours of care are approved based on your work or school schedule).
Whether your in-laws income is taken into account for food stamps comes down to whether you prepare and eat meals with the in-laws or separate from them. For the purposes of eligibility, you cannot be separated from your children or spouse (if he's in the home) - you must be considered preparing and eating meals together. But for other family members (as long as you're 22 or older) you can state that you eat separately from your parents, aunts, uncles, in-laws, etc. if you live with any of those individuals and their income isn't used to determine your eligibility. But if you say that you do eat with any of those people then the state has to consider their income to determine the eligibility of the whole group together.
Hope that makes some sense - eligibility is different for each program and very difficult to explain. In Ohio eligibility is determined by the counties, but issued by the state (except for child care - the counties pay for that directly). You should contact your local state aid office to ask them about requirements, eligibility, etc. Also ask what types of verifications you'd be required to provide if you apply for assistance...usually proof of residency (lease agreement, utility bill, something official with your name and address on it), proof of income (or if there is none a statement of support from your in-laws that they allow you to live with them -- be careful about the wording if you plan to apply for food stamps on your own), birth certificates, social security cards, id, and whatever else they require. The process will go ever so much faster if you take everything with you to your initial appointment/submission of application. They might be able to approve benefits the same day if you take everything with you.
Good luck.

Hayley said...

I live in UT, and I believe that it's pretty close to what PP said above. Although, I would check on the food stamps and WIC, because I don't think they look at whether you share food with your inlaws. Go to your county's health dept and they should have a WIC section, they may be able to help you with a lot of this.

Anonymous said...

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