Wednesday, February 07, 2007

On Being Pregnant

Posted by Anonymous

I hate being pregnant!! I tired so hard to get prego - used ovulation strips for days after my cycle to figure out when ovulating and then had sex at all the right times, and it still took over a year. The husband had some mixed results with
fertility testing that we thought would be an issue so I was ecstatic when we found out we were expecting.

I found out right away when I was pregnant especially since I was puking from day one. I have puked in grocery stores, on most major highways, at my desk, in the washroom, and I have thrown up in the garbage can while using the washroom. The puking was crazy and lasted til just about one month ago. (I am 27 weeks now). Diclectin helped though it wasn't perfect.

Now as I am getting farther along, I have heartburn every time I eat. Tums doesn't touch it and what can you do??

The pregnancy has not been great. I have had intermittent bleeding all through the 2nd trimester which I am nearing the end of. I am on limited activity, no sex, no exercise, and no lifting. I find that I am soooo out of breath and my Cardio
system is shot. I have had fatigue, headaches, low energy, mood swings. I have had to have a few days here and there of "rest" after spotting and cramping.

Then I sprained my ankle and am on crutches for the next week. I am off work and watching daytime TV - bored, listless, and would rather be at work.

It is cool that the baby is moving like crazy and all but I am feeling guilty about the fact that pregnancy kinda sucks and I hate it and can't wait for it to be over!!

I am wondering if others went through this experience. I know, I know things could be even worse, that I could be on bedrest. I should be grateful being it took so much effort to get prego in the first place, that I should be "enjoying" this when really - I can't wait til the end comes.

Anyone want to share their experiences or reassure me that I ain't the only one who thinks this pregnancy is not "BLISS"?


Anonymous said...

Oh baby! Yeah, I totally feel for you. Pregnancy sucked for me...three times. Like you I tossed my cookies everywhere, all the time. I was sick until the day I had my babies. Yeah yeah yeah, I can relate to all of what you are saying. Honestly though? I didn't care or want to hear anyone else's story!!!!!!!!! I swear, I was so fed up with people trying to make me feel better by topping my story or by giving me theirs. Yes, of course things could be worse, and yes of course you want this baby and all that other still doesn't change the fact that you feel so crappy now does it? I just wanted to fall asleep and wake up when it was time to have my babies. Good luck, you will survive this (as you know) and your baby will be worth every second. Then you get to ejoy all of the good stuff (and not so good stuff) that having a baby brings.

Velma said...

You are not alone! While my first pregnancy was pretty easy, my second one SUCKED! It's funny how pregnant women are treated as such fragile vessels, when pregnancy is so damn tough. Hang in there - there will be light at the end of the tunnel (and if you want one, an epidural!)

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I didn't have half the trouble you are having and I despised being pregnant! I really don't care to to it again. I am still in awe that women tend to do this pregnancy thing more than once. MORE THAN ONCE!

Then the sleep deprivation once the baby comes. That is the real torture. Nobody knows torture until one has not slept AND has bleeding nipples. It's just odd to me that women have such strength to endure those trials again and again... but I guess I am wimpy like that.

Awesome Mom said...

I had huge babies so my last month was spent bloated on the couch. My pelvis hurt like a SOB from four months on. I had the worst heartburn ever for both pregnancies. The first time I just slept sitting up but the second time I went on acid reducers and it was heaven finally being free of that. Being pregnant sucks a lot of the time but it is sure neat watching the baby grow into a person.

Anonymous Poster Update said...


I have a little update since then! Ha. Things got worse that week and ended up in hospital for 2 days getting tests and monitering as having left side pain so badly. Turns out one of my fibroids that was supposed to have no effect on my pregnancy was "degenerating". THings online compare the pain of that to the pain of a kidney stone. So after a couple of nights with no sleep and days filled with pain I am on the mend. I am off week
now for another week and when I go back on Monday (hopefully!) I will only have 7 more weeks of work to go and 11 more weeks of the pregnancy.

Dengerating Fibroid is when the blood supply gets cut off and the fibroid dies over a period of time -usually about 10 days. I have a f/up ultrasound on Monday to check my little girl and make sure everything is still fine and to make sure the fibroid has not effected the uterous or the placenta. My dr has been really great and so has Women's College Hospital, I totally would recommend them for pre natal care.

Kudos to me for going through the dengereating fibroid thing though with no pain killers!! The dr said he could hospitalize me for a couple of days and give me morphine but I declined as didn't want to have a baby drug addict.


Christina said...

Wow, you are having a rough pregnancy! While mine isn't going that badly, I've still had to put up with terrible nausea during the first trimester, and joint pain throughout.

Unlike last pregnancy, my joints decided to relax far earlier than they needed to, which has resulted in a wobbly pelvis, and a whole lot of pain if I move around too much. No extended walking or exercise for me.

Pregnancy is tough on most women, at least in some way. One of my co-workers is pregnant, and says she hasn't felt any different the whole time. I don't believe her.

IAI said...

Ten months (because that nine shit is a lie) of puking, four months of bleeding, fibroids from hell, uncontrollable heartburn and complete and utter exhaustion ... yeah, I hear you. Pregnancy sucked for me bigtime. Completely unnatural for me, I felt like a kangaroo.
It was awful, I hated it - hated every minute of it.
Luckily, for me, as soon as the kid was here, the mommy stuff kicked in. But pregnancy was so bad, we had the husband fixed pretty damn quick.
It's not just you :-)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I was sick for the first 22 weeks. REALLY sick. Throwing up 4 - 20 times a day sick. I spent 5 1/2 weeks in the hospital on bedrest. I had PUPPS. I threw up for the last four weeks of my pregnancy. I was too big for extra-large maternity clothes. I had an emergency c-section, ended up having a blood transfusion and spinal fluid leaked into my brain.

You are not alone. I hated a lot of things about being pregnant.

It was completely worth it.

Lisa b said...

Yes pregnancy is hell for some of us. Sounds like you are having a rough time and though I know you are grateful and excited for your baby it is hard to focus on that when you feel so damn crappy and are in pain all the time.
I hope you can be asleep for most of the next 11 weeks and that you forget quickly once your little darling arrives.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

I'm about as far along as you are (in my second pregnancy), and other than the hateful all-the-time heartburn and tiredness, doing pretty well. So sorry to hear it's been hellish for you - here's hoping that once the fibroid is done doing its little thing that your sailing will go smoother. Maybe you can get your hubby to get you some new books or audiobooks or DVDs or CDs or something to help with the tedium of the not-quite-bedrest 'cuz daytime TV does suck.

Best of luck!

Nicole said...

I had MAJOR heartburn every pregnancy. My doctor prescribed Tagamet for me and it was the BIGGEST BLESSING of my fourth pregnancy. My original DR. quit delivering so I had to find a new Dr. for my 4th, so that was the only pregnancy that I had ANY relief. My first Dr. told me to tale Mylanta. THAT did NOT help!! Go for the Tagamet.

Glad that you are not puking!! :)

smashedpea said...

Yup, I hate pregnancy, too. My first one was kind of exciting, but the only thing I liked was feeling the baby kicking me. Otherwise, I wasn't so impressed. Especially not when the planned homebirth turned into intervention central ofter I'd gone 2 weeks over and eventually ended in a c-section. Not fun.

I'm halfway through my pregnancy with #2 now and can't wait to get it over with. The first three and a half months I spent either at work or as a feeble lump on the couch. Never puked much with either pregnancy, but felt constantly that I really should be. I'm over the pukiness now, but I'm still dead tired, much more so than the first time around (I guess that comes from having a 20 months old around). Most nights, I don't last much past 8:00, etc, etc.

It sucks, but it's like what everyone else has said - it's all so worth it :)

And hey, thanks for the fibroid story. I had 2 with my first pregnancy (no problems though) and had hoped they'd disappeared 'cause the midwife hasn't said anything about them. Now I guess I'll ask..... but it sounds horrible that you're having all that pain on top of the rest when they do go away.

kittenpie said...

I was not into the whole thing either, though I didn't have an awful time, I just didn't like the nausea, trouble sleeping, constant peeing, heartburn, worries and testing, blah blah blah.

But you want to feel better fast? Go read some of the entries in Suburban Turmoil's worst pregnancy story contest. They will make you laugh and show you how bad it COULD be! Nothing heals like someone else's pain...

Marce said...

Oh I did not enjoy being pregnant one bit. I puked from day one until the baby came out - everywhere - just like you did. Feeling the baby move was great, but really, other than that, I didn't like it. Everyone else I know "loved" being pregnant. I always feel like the black sheep and I never said too much about it.
You're definetely not alone.

T. said...

Hated, hated, hated being pregnant. Pelvic bones separated, sciatic nerve nightmares, and low blood pressure! And let's not discuss the over 110lbs I gained during the third and last pregnancy or the fact that they had to break my pelvic bone to free my kid's ginormous head from the birth canal.

Oh yeah, pregnancy rocks.

But you know what, the end result is more than worth it. And you may find yourself wanting to go through it all over again to have another kid to love so hard.

Or, you could do what I'm doing, and just adopt the damn kid.

Good luck. I hope all is well with you and your babe.

Anonymous said...

I hated being pregnat EVERY time. I was sick & on bedrest through the last 2, which is pretty much a joke when you have other kids to take care of. I personally think ladies who ay they LOVE being pregnant are liars :) My kids are the joy of my life, I just hated the process of getting them here.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the support all!! nice to hear i ain't the only one who feels the pain of pregnancy!!
i appreciate all the responses and stories.


Anonymous said...

I had a lot of nausea and puking too, then loads of heartburn. The only way I could sleep was by eating ice cream right before going to bed. Gaviscon also suposedly works better, but it made me gag so much I couldn't take it.
Don't feel bad about not liking it. You're the one experiencing something that is obviously uncomfortable. You can be happy about it, but not like it. It will be over before you know it.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I am pregnant with my third baby which came as a surprise and with each pregnancy I don't like it. All I ever do is complain and I feel bad for my Husband.

You are not alone. I think pregnancy kind of sucks also. I am 22 weeks along and so ready to have this baby it seems like forever.

We know babies are blessings and we are lucky and it is ok not to be ashamed of how you feel. You have every right to your feelings.

Hang in ther.

ewe are here said...

I'll be 37 weeks this weekend. As far as I'm concerned, that's term, as in not a premie, as in please look for the exit little one.

Sigh. Pregnancy can be tough. And painful. And tiring. You're entitled to bitch.

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of being pregnant. My back and hips are killing me, I have morning sickness, pink eye, and tonsillitis at the moment and of course can't take any meds. i am ready for it to be OVER.

Karen said...

Oh yes. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. I was GRATEFUL to be in labor, because honestly, it sucked far less than than the whole-gestation business. Which sucked. Hard.

But once they're out? Perfection.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Um...we've all been there. Actually, my first two pregnancies were great after the first trimester (aside from killer heartburn and sciatica from hell), but this one is a doozie. I soooo feel for you. And I also hate to tell you, but it's just the first thing that you relaize isn't bliss when it comes to momhood - breastfeeding has sucked (no pun intended) both times for me, and the first six months of infanthood is killer in the sleep deprivation department. And crazy enough, I've gone back for more.:) Your guilt, totally normal. Just know that you are not alone and that you NEVER have to pretend that it's all bliss - that's the greatest disservice we do to each other as women - not being "real" about what we're experiencing, so we think we're all alone, when everyone else has been there, too. Just hang in there, girl! There are some definite pay-offs - and you will have a million moments when motherdoo really is the greatest thing in the world. And might even make this nine months worth it. :)

AmandaD said...

Just another part of the cruel expectations for moms. Revel in pregnancy, never get angry, never mourn the loss of freedom never this and never that. I was lucky. I loved both pregnancies, but I have seen other women suffer. Please don't be mad at yourself. I think you can be frustrated with the pregnancy and not the life inside. It will end and you will rejoice once you can hold the baby in your arms and let your belly go back to housing your meals. Good luck, you're doing a great job!
And by the way, I have lost my cvool and now my daughter says "Damnit" to everything from her crayons to Dora and the dog. Oh joy.

Jessica said...

Oh I am so with you! I hated both my pregnancies, especially the delivery part. It was such a miserable experience, it was so hot and in my last one I got gestational diabetes. Super fun. THAT takes away the fun of pregnancy which is eating whatever and whenever you want. Congrats though, at least you were trying to get pregnant ;)

Veronica Mitchell said...

I hate pregnancy. We have two small children, I am pregnant with our third, and we plan to try for a fourth and final baby as soon as we can. The reason we have had our babies in such rapid succession is because I HATE being pregnant. I want to get all the pregnancies over with as quickly as possible, so I can just write off those five years as "the pregnant years" and can make my body my own again. You have all my sympathy.