Monday, July 23, 2007

And Now, A Word From Her Bad Mother...

Dear Basement Friends

What's that on the sidebar? Over there, at the right? Yep, those are ads. BlogHer ads.

The Basement is now officially part of the BlogHer Ad Network.

I deliberated long and hard about putting ads up here. I didn't do it last year when the BlogHer ad network first launched, because I felt that I really had no license to do so: this is a community space, and I only the moderator. I also didn't want ads to sully the homey-ness of the space. I didn't want the Basement to become the site of a Tupperware party.

But then, over the past year, I realised that I wanted to be able to gussy the place up a little. Get a banner designed, put down some more pillows and throw-blankets and maybe some more teacups. None of which is (for me, anyway, who cannot design or code to save her life) free.

So I've put up ads. BlogHer ads, because I can control what ads appear, and because I strongly support the BlogHer community. Any revenue from those ads will go, I assure you, only to the maintenance of the site (makin' it pretty, maybe moving it to a better blog host, maybe purchasing the domain name). Anything left over, will go to charity. This charity. (You can read about why I support this charity here.)

Think of it as a little community coin-jar. To keep us stocked with tea and cookies and pillows, and to help us make a little difference in the world from time to time.

I really hope that you don't mind. I really hope that you keep visiting, and that you keep sharing your stories.

Thanks for being such wonderful story-tellers, such wonderful listeners, such wonderful friends. And keep those stories comin'.

Her Bad Mother


flutter said...

I see not a thing wrong with it

Major Bedhead said...

I don't get the whole kerfuffle over ads on blogs. I don't care if people have ads on their blogs - I don't even see them most of the time. As long as they don't crash my computer (as has happened once or twice) then I am just fine with it.

Unknown said...

ugh. i can't help it, but ads on blogs leave a bad taste in my mouth. i get why a blogger would do it, of course. and yet, well, i guess what you were saying about this being a community space and all...after awhile, it just begins to feel that there is literally NO WHERE in our society that becomes safe from the AD. and that makes me sad for us all.

Anonymous said...

It's your space. Ad away. It doesn't bother me one bit.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with it, especially since anything left over from site maintenance will go to charity to help Tanner. In fact, I see it as one more way I could potentially help a charity, by clicky clicky love.

MamaKaren said...

I'm totally OK with the ads. Sidebar ads don't bug me- pop-ups, things with noise, and ads that crash my computer bug me. But ads to support site maintenance and charity? Have at it.

motherbumper said...

I don't have a problem with that at all.

b*babbler said...

It was very considerate of you to take the time to explain your reasonings for the ads, and was more than many would have done.

I don't love advertising in general (despite having a husband in the profession), but it is an unfortunate part of life. That said, I personally have no problems at all with the ads. Whatever helps to keep the site going, and perhaps helps out Tanner in the process is a-okay with me.

Thanks for all the time you spend on this site. It is a tremendous resource for those who need it, and much appreciated.