Thursday, February 12, 2009

Of Prayer Lists And Politics

Posted by Anonymous

I noticed it on her nightstand as I was tucking my daughters into my mother's bed after an evening of early-Thanksgiving cheer. I know I shouldn't have read it, but there it was--my mom's prayer list. And on this list of prayer concerns: mine and my husband's political views.

I know my mom and I don't see eye to eye on politics. But is this really something of such concern that it requires prayer? Can't she trust me to prayerfully come to my own conclusions about politics and the leadership of our government? And better yet, shouldn't she ask me what my political views are rather than assume they are cause for prayer? Is that too much to ask? Or is it that there is only one godly choice and anyone who votes otherwise is outside the fold and needs prayer to bring them back? Is this really something that a parent needs to critique about their adult child?

I won't lie. It hurt. It bothers me. And, unfortunately, I'm not going to say a word to her about it because I don't need the drama. Thanks for listening/reading.


Mrs. Case said...

I can def understand why you're offended. That being said, if you absolutely can't reconcile her odd behavior and superiority issues, then simply try and be thankful the biggest issues she has with you are your political views. Not to demean your problem but it could always be worse. At least you have someone who cares enough to pray for you.

If it were me, every time I saw her I'd talk politics and drive home my views, just so I knew she'd be clear on them.

And if it were me, I totally would've peeked, too! :)

Mr Lady said...

I think I'm going to go against the grain on this one.

At least your mother cares enough to pray for you, and at least she's respectful enough of you to take it up with God, not you.

Taking it up with your friends, your inlaws, your neighbors? Not cool. Taking it up with her god? Private, no one gets hurt, and she feels better.

Is it frustrating? Probably. Shocking? I can see that, too. But I'd kill to have my mother pray for me. I'd kill to have her acknowledge my existence at all. I'm going to guess your mom is trying to make the best out of what she thinks is a bad situation, and I think I applaud her restraint.

Anonymous said...

I am with Mr. Lady... I think it's good that she is respectful enough to pray about it and not create drama. She is entitled to her belief... just as you are entitled to yours. You could pray for her political views ;~)

flutter said...

I am also with Mr lady, but I have to say that you violated her trust by reading something that you had no business laying eyes on.

Anonymous said...

My mom can't stand my religion and we used to "discuss" it (i.e. argue until we yelled). Now we don't bring it up at all, however I know it's on her prayer list. And I am THANKFUL because 1-it shows she loves me and 2-she "discusses" it with God and leaves me alone. Count your blessings!

Stacy said...

Maybe God has already answered her prayer for your political views and that's why they are what they are.

I agree with Mr Lady and the others. I say be thankful she cares enough to pray.

gooddog said...

Oh I hear you. I am OVER people assuming that they vote God's way and I don't. Believe it or not, a person can be an actual Christian and not toe the Limbaugh line. I'd mention it to her but I do think Mr Lady had a neat perspective on it.

Hayley said...

Well at least she's praying about it in private and not nagging you about it in public. She keeps it to herself, which is where it should stay. Good for her.

My mom probably does the same thing about my choice to not stay in the Mormon church... but she'd never tell me that. It's futile and she knows it.

Anonymous said...

I am the one who posted this--

I agree with everyone who pointed out that I am blessed to have a mother who prays for me. For many, many years that was not the case, and now that I have it, I would never change that.

I read this post now and see that my emotional reaction was rather knee-jerk to the shock that she had felt this necessary to pray over but had never asked me what my views are. In the long run, though, she can pray about whatever weighs on her heart.

When she's ready to know what I think about the issues, she'll ask me, and I'll tell her. Right now I think she's not ready to reconcile that we are just going to see some things differently. Clearly, I'm not going to allow it to come between my mom, who is good-hearted and only means well.

I just think in this instance, it hurt because it's an area where I had to realize that my mom just doesn't *know* me that well. And I've desired to close the distance between me and her since I was a kid... it's a work in progress.