Monday, March 02, 2009


Posted by Anonymous.

You tell me that in your head, I'm a fuck up, and you can't see past it. That I'm just a bummer and you want to have some fun.
You want to spend all your time talking online to other people, texting, messaging, interacting in ways that just aren't real. You work part time and do nothing, I come home from work, you run away to talk to your friends, leaving me to handle everything, if I'm lucky you've made the kids dinner.
You can't understand why I'm so upset that you sat texting someone else while we were out as a family. Yeah, no one was talking. Because you were being RUDE.
But I'm the asshole. I have a mental illness see, so every single fucking thing I ever do, or will do, will be assumed to be invalid because of this. Because I can't POSSIBLY be upset that he almost makes a POINT of disrespecting me. Because I should just lie down and let him do whatever he wants.
Because I'm not fun. I ask to go do stuff. I say hey, lets go out. He doesn't want to leave the house. That fucking laptop has been the bane of my existance the minute in came in the door.
Sure, I'm fine with other women being your friends. I'm ok with that. I'm NOT ok with you spending every waking second with them, any more than I'd be ok with you hanging out with guys friends in real life every single night.
I'm sorry I've been sick. I'm sorry I'm losing my fucking job. I'm sorry I got snagged in some internet drama because I'm a fuck up. I'ma fuck up! I get it! I'm not 25 and fun with no kids and no real worries aside from where my next tattoo will come from and how sad it is that my boyfriend is emo. I'm sorry that I am only your WIFE with two children. I'm sorry that HAVING your bloody children set my illness off. I'm SORRY that you can't see that it isn't all about you!
You complain that I'm always drama, and I try and tell you, that on some level, if the ONLY WAY to retain your focus is to have a problem, then guess what? THAT is what will happen. If I'm nice and happy, you get weird, and you disappear. You don't WANT me to be normal. You don't WANT me to be better. What excuse would you have to treat me like garbage?
Worst of all, you never, ever say I love you anymore. Not since the summer when I tried to kill myself because you were too caught up with some chick online, and we came THISCLOSE to divorce and I sat in that hospital room all alone, and came home all alone. Not since I had enough of competing with figments on a computer who think you're cute and an "awesome father"
Of course they say that. They don't see you ignore your kids in favour of someone on a compute. They don't see you yell at them to shut up because it's interfering with your music. They don't see you lose your shit with them over nothing. They don't see. THEY AREN'T REAL, because they have one input-YOU, and YOU can say whatever you want them to hear. Of COURSE they think you're wonderful.
I have been trying. Trying to change the habit of a lifetime, trying to control the idiocies of my disease, trying to be a better person but I'm rapidcly beginning to realize that with you, this just isn't possible. I will never, ever be enough. I will never be special. I will be the girl you fuck, and that's it.
I want someone to talk to. I want someone who tells me we'll figure it out, even if he's scared, and MEANS it, just as I've done in the past. I want someone who realizes that people are human and makes mistakes. I want someone happy to see me, someone who loves me, really loves me, instead of making me cry and much as you do.
I want someone who hears me when I say these things. Someone who doesn't roll their eyes. Someone who is willing to seek counselling.
I want a man. Not the boy I married.
I didn't think I'd be staring at the spectre of divorce again, but I'm beginning to think I am. I'm too old to waste my life with someone who can better support a stranger in Minnesota than his own wife in front of him.


derfina said...

Honey, it sounds like you have your shit together. Surely if you could write this post so rationally you don't need a bunch of strangers telling you what you already know.

witchypoo said...

Sure doesn't sound like a partnership to me.
The word verification is "parting". That shit happens to me all the time.

Hayley said...

Sounds like my ex. And I got the hell out of Dodge.

Good luck. You deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to sound mean, but do you really need someone to tell you to dump this loser? What does/could he possibly offer you?

Anonymous said...

You don't sound like a fuck up to me.

Good luck. I hope you find some peace, and even a little happiness.

Stephanie N. said...

You had me at the bit about him texting while you were out as a family. In case you do want someone to tell you what you seem to know in your heart, I'll say it: I think you should leave the inconsiderate man-child. What happens if you stay with him five more years? Ten more years? If you're going to have to start over, would you rather do it now, or five years from now, or ten years from now? It seems like he drags you down more than he lifts you up. You've survived having two kids, fighting mental illness, a suicide attempt, and more. You can do this.

CageQueen said...

Sounds to me like HE is the one with the problems, regardless of your diagnosis. Everyone makes mistakes and you should be proud for owning up to yours; that's all anyone can do. Run as far away from this man as possible. You still have the oppurtunity to live a full life. Better to be alone and happy then married and alone.

Anonymous said...

Forget about all the crap he is doing to you. think of your children. those poor kids are going through hell and if you take your own life what are they left with? man-child? they would be thrown in foster care. Take your kids and leave it doesnt sound like he would kick up too much of a fuss. Move on with your life. you as we all deserve the best life has to offer and so do your children do it for them!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like HE is your mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Dont blame yourself. He is the problem.

Be strong for your kids...

No one deserves to be treated the way he is treating you. You deserve someone supportive and understanding.

Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

We all support you, it sure sounds like you know what you want and are sick of trying from him.

I hope you find what you are looking for soon.

Michelle said...

You seem to still have a hold on your identity. KEEP IT. Don't let him take any more of it, it is so hard to find it again.

You need to choose whether to stay where you are or move on, we can't choose for you. But YOU must really want to for the sake of your sanity and your children's future. Because they are currently learning how to disrespect others or that they have no worth.

Dawn said...

DIVORCE him sweetie. Like the first poster said, you definetly look like you have your shit together. Once you make that decision to split up, things will get better...

Anonymous said...

I was married to a 'full of self' narcissistic alpha male for 20 years. I got the courage to leave three years ago and found true peace in my life and with myself for the first time. Do it. Do it. You will find peace too.