Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wallet Warning

Posted by Anonymous.

This is a warning to all ladies!!!

Recently my wallet was stolen(on the one day I didn't friggin put it in the back room.) I had a Mastercard and a bank card and some cash in it. The minute I found out it was gone (I was at work so a little busy) I called Mastercard and flagged it was stolen. I tried to call my bank and flag them as well...but it kept hanging up on me (if this ever happens to you, hit 0 until it friggen puts you through!! I so wish my bank's automated system told me that..) I got a phone call from a "representative" of my bank, saying they just caught someone with my wallet. I was so extremely excited that I let slip my pin when asked an onslaught of questions. The "representative" took money from my account.

Yes I know...WTF was I thinking? I wasn't.

PLEASE Ladies if you EVER have your wallet stolen and a "representative" calls the SAME day...for the love of god HANG UP!(an actual bank representative asked me if they had asked me a security question, I said no...then asked him if he asked me one... he didn't) it's like 99% guaranteed it's the thief, standing at whichever bank you go to waiting for you to slip up in your excitement of the thought of them being caught, and give them your pin.

She managed to use my Mastercard in a store before she called to get my pin from me. So please also make sure you get ID'd everytime you use your credit card!!!! get the cards with chips in them! keep your wallets in a safe place!



Sad story---And a lesson learned, for me AND up and coming thieves. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things did not get worse for you and I am sure you learned your lesson about giving out your pin.

Anonymous said...

As a general rule, if someone calls you saying they're from the bank and asks for sensitive information- Say you will call them back. If its a legit call, they will be willing to let you do that, and you will be calling a number you trust, instead of speaking to a "representative".

Anonymous said...

No bank calls and asks for your pin over the phone. Sorry you got duped!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making the EXTREMELY important point: in the excitement you gave the PIN ... con games always work on some emotion --it's a con and these people are really good at it.

I never thought to think about my excitement causing me to drop my defenses.

Excellent post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As someone who came very close to having her identity stolen, I echo what the above poster said about just asking the bank or credit card company if you can call them back - when I was having problems, I got calls A LOT from the security divisions at my cc companies - all were legitimate, but I finally had to start calling them back because they asked for so much sensitive info. Also, most credit card companies will let you put an additional password on your account - they should always, always ask for this when you call. I don't know that banks will do this, but you might check. Sometimes the "security questions" ask for information like an address or phone number that someone who's stolen your purse, wallet, or mail might also have access to, so a random pin or password is a better bet.