Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fancy, Don't Let Me Down

Posted by Anonymous.

I have lost patience....one to many times. I've had beyond enough of the disrespect, by friends and family alike. If it's not one thing it's another. It's a constant revolving door of useless unnecessary emotional roller coasting crap. I'm sick of the petty, pathetic, straight up rude comments and actions.

Your logic, completely astounds me. How is it ok to treat someone the way you treat me? All i ever tried to do was be kind. Yes a few times we had fights. If you can't get past it, then you really still are nothing but an adolescent, high school bitch. Learn how to let the fuck go. Seriously. Maybe you might ACTUALLY have more then one or two friends.

Yes i know, im bitchy, yes i know i can be just as bad, if not worse. News flash...ever thought it was because of that horrid attitude you exude anytime we're in the same room. I loathe going to your house. Learn how to clean. Honestly...it's simple. And having a child is absolutely no excuse. I've cleaned plenty of houses including my own with children around. With up to three at one point. The fact that they aren't my children has absolutely nothing to do with it. You have a seriously unruly, unhealthy child...and you're having another. Wow. Way to be irresponsible.
If a Doctor, tells you your child is underweight and therefore unhealthy... He's not giving you some random problems to choose from. It is NOT because he takes after your husband. He REALLY is underweight and unhealthy....because you don't feed him properly.... I've witnessed it many times. Too many times for my liking. Do you even brush his teeth? I've seen you do it once...so at least i know you do know HOW too.... Try doing it more often. It's your responsibility to make sure your child understands proper hygiene and general grooming. Enough about you.

Onto You. I could honestly hurt you. Literally rip you to pieces for not fighting for him. How dare you have the gull to have unprotected sex and keep him. Not the fact of keeping him. The fact of telling everyone you love him, he's precious, he's yours. THEN GET THE FUCK OFF YOUR LAZY, COWERING ASS AND FIGHT FOR HIM. Do you have any idea how much it KILLS me to watch someone who i know loves him, just sit there and not defend herself or him. To not do what you know in your gut you should do, what you NEED to do... What the FUCK is wrong with you!??!?! It's tearing me apart just talking to you, because i'm not supposed to know, how much more worse the situation is getting.

You are a complete idiot. You astonish me. Here i am on nearly two years of trying to conceive...and you won't even fight for yours. Can we say undeserving? I never thought i would see this day. EVER. I remember clearly the day you had him, the second he was put on your chest, the look in your eyes... Such a proud moment. Yes, your a mother, one of the most fantastic phenomenons in a humans lifetime. And your literally flushing it down the toilet, because of that bitch!? Because you didn't do the right thing from the start and get sole custody. Or even joint custody...either way you would never have been in this situation. Get yourself and him the fuck out of it for gods sake. Leave your waste of time job and find another one. It's doable...Find the fucking courage and WOMAN the fuck up. Enough about you.

Back to Me...Stop letting people into your life if they don't fucking deserve it. Stop trying with waste of time bitches. So what if a so called family member is doing everything possible to not have you in there child's life or theirs for that matter. Obviously, it's nothing but a toxic "relationship" anyway. There's ALWAYS something to be mad or upset about when it comes to them. Every time you come into contact with them, some sort of bullshit happens. Or something downright rude is said. Or something hurtful is done.

You are a strong woman. You have a wonderful husband, who yes, pisses you off on a regular basis, because hes a man and doesn't think to just do the damn dishes without being asked...FOR ONCE... But he loves you, and you love him. Be happy you have the wonderful family members and the wonderful friends, that do care about you and what you might have to say. Just be there for "unwilling to fight friend" like you always have. She will come to her senses like she always does. It is hard to be in the problem. It's harder to be outside, looking in, not being able to say a word. She knows your there, always has, always will. Because shes always been more of a sister then friend.

Leave the other ones where they belong, and where they want to be. Out of your life. It's not worth the annoyance, pain and frustration. It used to be. But it's not your fault. They know your right. And they hate you for it. No ones perfect. But the one is definitely far from it, and sadly thinks they are of the utmost importance....when you can barely feed the child you have, and cant remember which bill is due and when, because you lived off mommy and daddy until you moved in with hubby, and he for some reason thought it would get you to learn. He is definitely an idiot for putting you in charge, but then again that doesn't say much about him either. He's no better then you, i've got issues with him too...you have Dental, use it. Seriously...use it. And learn that a game is called a GAME for a reason.. EX: to have fun. ...he's just as big an idiot as you. Even more so for marrying you in the first place, you are a horrific disgraceful person. Lazy, disgusting, pathetic, irresponsible, uneducated, ignorant....gawd the list goes on.

I know im far from perfect. I can easily and openly admit that. But don't sit there judging me, when im clearly just that much better then you as a person in general. Attitude, bitchiness, snide remarks have nothing to do with it. Yes i have my lazy moments. But at least i can say i work, and omg...i come home and clean, and i still have time to visit people. Yep, even if i don't feel like it that day, i will. Because im that kind of person. At least i cook my husband dinners with the food WE bought with the food WE made. Instead of cooking while hes at work and not having any leftovers for him...EVER. How he puts up with your selfish bullshit, i have no idea.
I know i'm not gorgeous *believe me neither are you hunny* and i'm not skinnier then skinny, but im not obese *and neither are you* but i will NEVER put myself on a diet when pregnant because i want the perfect baby bump. Fuck seriously your thoughts and actions are revolting.

Me..stop spazzing on the cat..he just wants outside CONSTANTLY... in and out....all day... cant make up his mind...its not his fault. Hes just a cat!

Do what you've been telling yourself you want to do, what you need to do. Put the fucking Cigarettes down, and leave them there. Forever! There is no logical reason for you to keep fucking smoking. it's bad for your health, not just because of the toxins...because of your fucking asthma too you douche bag. You CAN AND WILL Quit.

Get yourself up earlier, and out fucking side more. There's this amazing thing called the SUN, out there. Check it out more then just on your way to work. Do the damn walks you've been wanting to do sooooooooooooooooooo badly for gawd knows how long. Geezzzzzzzeeeee lady, it's not that difficult. I know the scenery kinda blows, but you'll get the fuck over it if you want to work a little bit extra at losing some more weight. You've done decently enough so far...keep up before you freaking put it back on. plus some. gawd. You CAN AND WILL do it.

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