Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Co-Worker From Hell

Posted by Anonymous.

Gotta get it out...

Dear C,

The following is what I cannot, for the sake of TT and both our jobs say to you but I have to get it out of my soul. Here it goes. You actually are not without a couple of redeeming qualities. You are a master at public speaking and relating to youth. Probably because you are so much closer in age but ok, well whatever. I am now, however, going to list the 50 million things I hate about you in no particular order and I wish that I had an “ANGRY” font to put it in because today I feel like I could choke the life out of you. Here goes:

#1. Your cocky, arrogant, classless attitude toward pretty much everyone around you. I’ve seen your FB posts about wanting to know why girls aren’t attracted to such a gentleman. HA! What a fuckin joke! Do you even realize that you have shoved every woman on the team (besides c, who you want to bang) to the side to get your precious front seat and that if anyone dares sit in it you fume all the way home? That you allow every door you walk in to slam into our faces? That in every presentation if you do not have command authority of every detail you sit and act like an immature child until you do? I think you are blind to your own actions and its sick!

#2. Your pathetic, incomprehensible so-called love for God. First of all, you are a man divided against yourself. You openly talk about women’s breast and naked women, yet openly talk about women who don’t bother to wear skirts to your stupid Pentecostal church. In addition, you have TWO churches. One that is super holiness and one that is grace based. So you can attend whichever one suits your needs. ARROGANT LITTLE PRICK!

#3. Your know-it-all, comprehensive attitude on any given subject. Whether it be a job I’ve applied for, or about relationships, not only did you write the book, but all people and admire you for your intelligence on the subject. Please allow me to give you a fuckin wake up call prick! Every single person on our team thinks you couldn’t hold a girlfriend if a terrorist asked you to. SHE’D RATHER BE WITH THE TERRORIST THAN AN ASSHOLE LIKE YOU! THAT IS THE TRUTH SUCKA> YOU'RE THE LAST TO KNOW YOU PRICK! That sweet girl that had it for you so bad was treated like yesterdays garbage while you threw your sick puppy eyes c’s way last Christmas. What a dumb, ignorant jerk you are. You are the exact opposite of what you say you are!

Take your God’s gift to women self and go take a short leap off a long bridge. I was the #2 producer this year despite the fact you tried every dirty handed trick in the book to plaster your name over my work! You may think I’m a washed-up mother but at the end of the day, this washed up mom got the best of you, and bested you at your own game so suck on that lemon a little while. Come back to me in 15 years when you’ve probably been through a couple of divorces and you’ve been knocked righteously off your ass. I bet your little tune will have changed dramatically. All I want to say is until then don’t procreate. I can’t think of anything sicker than another you!


Anonymous said...

Not sure why this post is appropriate here? It's a vent, I get it. However, this is a space for more personal struggles. Just my thought.

Anonymous said...

So, the writer and the receiver seem to be people that work at a church or for a youth group? In some kind of leadership role? Today I'm glad that we're Atheists and my heathen children aren't exposed to this portrayal of "love thy neighbor."

The above poster is right, not appropriate here. Put it on you MySpace page.

Anonymous said...

i disagree. completely appropriate. vent away!

Anonymous said...

Completely appropriate. I thought the basement was for anyone that wanted to visit and obviously Her Bad Mother thought it was appropriate enough to post.

Anonymous said...

Completely appropriate..this is a place to post about how you feel ..about whatever is going on in life..anonymously. Obvious she couldn't post it where the "jerk" may find it.


Anonymous said...

"Today I'm glad that we're Atheists and my heathen children aren't exposed to this portrayal of "love thy neighbor."

Wow...did you even read this post? You misconstrued #2 so badly. She's saying he openly talks about being religious, but his actions speak louder than his words.

Also if you read the top of the post she also mentioned he has good qualities too.

Have you never been angry at someone, atheist??I don't think Christians place themselves above everyone else/think they are infallible to sin in regards to your "love thy neighbor" remark...they're sinners just like you and me....if anything I think it's people like you who crucify them for simply putting words to the frustration they are feeling that place them on that imaginary pedestal.

When someone has wronged you have you never felt the injustice of it all? Yes, she could have showered this person with love and compassion....cause you feel as a christian that is what she is supposed to do. BUT think of what she is saying...EVERYONE in this person's life is already doing that. It is only fueling his ego. Maybe tough love this what this young "gentlemen" needs. Maybe instead of being angry, this author should express her feelings to this young man with love and compassion and shed some light into his life because obviously there is none.

Loverly said...

Okay, I don't think this was supposed to generate a religious argument. We're all humans here, and the one thing we have in common is our ability to struggle, and to emote.

This woman is struggling, this is a website meant to share those struggles. I think we need a little more understanding and acceptance around here.

To the writer- this man will not be in your life forever, and while it may not be the best situation, it is only temporary. I think that by releasing your feelings in this safe space, you are cleansing yourself of some of that bad energy, and I hope you feel refreshed, and better equipped to handle this man and the poison he spews.
I would ask you to continue releasing your feelings, whichever way you choose, because holding them in is even more poisonous.

Best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

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Macy said...

The wolves thing above is such a wonderful example. You must be taken that kind of humility towards the situation.