Thursday, February 03, 2011

What Would You Do If I Told You I Loved You

Posted by Anonymous.

This all started 20 years ago I met a cocky big mouth extremely good looking guy that I had watched grow up before my eyes into a startling handsome man we dated a few times and I spent a lot of time at his parent's house (where he lived at the time) me and his mom were best friend's if you can believe that she always' said me and her son would get married. And then thing's would start to happen I guess I would get to clingy or I would run outta money and off he would go with someone older usually with her own house and she would support him and I would turn to whoever was available to fill the void I did it with my first marriage and I'm doing it with my second.

All of this just recently came about a couple of month's ago we found each other on Facebook then we started texting each other or should I say sexting we stayed up all night swapping pictures and he said he couldn't talk anymore he had to have me so we made plans to meet and I swear I was a nervous and a virgin on prom night. We met on a Friday he had drove down from a different state not to far from mine and it was like instant chemistry we couldn't keep our hands off of each other he's like heroin to me and when I don't get it from him I hurt. Well that was April 30th although I have talked to him at least twice a week via texting I always' ask the same question when are you coming back down to see me and his response is always' I'm real busy at work but can you send me some nude pictures of yourself and of coarse I always' get an I love you.

For awhile there I was thinking about kicking my current husband out because we've become more like roommates then man and wife even though he treats me like a queen and is a great father to our 2 kid's I just don't love him the way I love the other guy and I never will I consider him my first love and my only true love.

I asked him the other night what would you do if I told you I loved you and wanted to only be with you and he said I would tell you I love you with all my heart to but your married and I'm engaged and I said yea well marriages and engagement's end all the time. But I'm coming to realize that he doesn't want to stray to far from this new much older then me girlfriend she must have money she bought him a car and just this weekend he said he was going to go pick up a boat and I know she's paying for it all so he's got him a sugar momma and I can't compete with that. Well I guess that's all of my rant now I'll sit here for at least a couple of hour's just in case he besides to text me yea I'm pathetic I know every night I swear I'm not gonna text him first but I always' wind up doing it anyway I think I'll just go ahead and get sucker tattooed across my forehead and get it over with.

Signed Anonymous


Anonymous said...

"even though he treats me like a queen and is a great father to our 2 kid's"

Maybe you should look at what you had. If this guy is really into a woman for her money, would he treat you so well? First loves are intoxicating, but there's a reason they don't last forever.

He enjoys the thrill of you, probably the way you remind him about his younger days.

You filled a void with your marriages, you're trying to fill one with him. Try to fix the void yourself without putting a man in it.

Laura said...

Uhhhhh......this is a ridiculous story. I hope that seeing it in writing helps bring you to your senses. You are both just big cheaters. He doesn't care about you beyond sleeping with you. That is v.e.r.y. o.b.v.i.o.u.s. You can see that, right???? "I love you" means nothing to him. He is ENGAGED. He very clearly told you that you telling him that you love him wouldn't mean anything. Get yourself TOGETHER and stop thinking about him. This is such a cliche' stupid girl story. HE JUST WANTS SEX FROM YOU....and not even that badly, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Ok take a HUGE step back! PLEASE! The grass is not always greener on the other side I promise.

1. You have kids!! Please put their needs before yours. How is you running back to some platonic love going to affect them? They need their daddy and this guy who you're having an affair with is not going to be theirs.

2. He does not love you. There's a difference between LOVE & LUST and it seems to me the both of you have them confused.

3. You need to think about the future and not about the now. Sure you're all lovey dovey blah blah blah right now BUT the day will come when he decides he wants someone else...and you? Where will you be? You will have no man. No husband, and you'll probably never get back what you had.

Good luck. Please think about it before you make a decision.

Anonymous said...

If he cheated on his fiance , he will cheat on you...why would you risk your marriage for a cheater...oh I forgot you cheated too. If you don't love your husband do HIM a favor and leave him. He doesn't deserve you. I may seem harsh but cheaters are liars and liars are not someone I want to be around. Think of your children.

Kate said...

Do yourself a favor, okay? Try to step back and look at the situation objectively, as if you were looking at it from the outside. Go back and reread your post, but imagine that your best friend is telling it to you as her situation. What would you advise her to do?

You had a fantasy built around this man for a couple of decades. Then you got in touch, and you projected that fantasy onto him, instead of seeing who he really is. It happens. Don't beat yourself up about that part of it.

What you DO need to do, though, is realize who he really is, who you are now (vs. 20 years ago), and what you want out of life. Do you seriously want to be with a man who would treat you this way? Do you want your children to grow up around someone with such shallow, selfish values? Do you want to break your husband's heart by leaving him for such a selfish loser?

Be smart. Take care of yourself and your family. Do the right thing and drop this guy like a bad habit. That's all he really is, you know. You can be better than this.

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest you take Kate's advice...
Your children deserve better, your husband deserves better, you deserve better!
This guy so clearly used you, you have not seen him since April yet you think this is love? really? that is sad. He had a chance to bag an old girlfriend who still had the hots for him and he jumped at it. That was all it was for him. He doesn't even sound like he was much of a catch the first time around.
PLEASE come to your senses, take care of your family and yourself and cut all ties with this loser.

Macy said...

Just take care of your family! They deserved a lot than him.

Anonymous said...

Choose function over dysfunction. You will be happier, calmer. If you don't know how to do it, or how to stick with it, get some professional help. Do you want your kids to grow up in a manner where by they make these kinds of dysfunctional choices that result in such chaos and unhappiness. Choose function. Choose family. They are the only thing that matter. Forget the guy, he is history. He is not worth a thing. Seriously, he is wasted time, wasted thought, stands in your way of happiness and emotional health. I beg you to go talk to a proper professional and get some solid advice about how to break this dysfunctional habit.

Anonymous said...

even lobster tail gets boring if you have it everyday....