Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Lovely Mother

Posted by Anonymous.

My lovely mother.
My lovely mother that 'taught me all i know'
My lovely mother who today, after i told her that my best friend went to my work to get ice cream, told me that she was worried that my employer would like my best friend better and hire her instead.
My lovely mother that complains day and night about all the laundry i cause her to do (which is a small amount mind you) and when i offer to do it all "no! you'll blow up my washer! you're too stupid to do it!" is the response i get from the couch shes 'resting' on.
My lovely mother whom supports me in nothing i do.
My lovely mother who when a guy doesn't call back immediately she makes 'a HILARIOUS' joke that maybe hes with his other prettier girlfriend.
My lovely mother who claims that i treat her like shit, when all i do is listen to her complaints about friends, family, work, and especially me.
My lovely mother whom as i sit, minding my own, yells at me to 'stop doing ..blank...!!!" something i'm not remotely even near executing.
My lovely mother who says " i don't care if your husband and all your guests at your wedding eat meat! i am not paying for anything if there is meat any where near that wedding!'
My lovely mother who forces vegetarianism and her religion on me.
My lovely mother who says constantly "you're eating agaaaain?" when i am the perfect weight for my age and height.
My lovely mother who takes more pride, and spends more money on her kindergarten students, but complains about spending money on shampoo for her daughter.
My lovely mother who took a pair of chop sticks i painstakingly painted by hand and used them as a back scratcher.
My lovely mother who critiques my artwork claiming "she has ideas that would make it better!"
My lovely mother who has the power to make me feel like a million dollars, when all i would ask is for her to make me feel like 10 dollars, makes me feel like an expired coupon.
My mother... my LOVELY mother.


Anonymous said...

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Cheryl said...

Been there, and I am so sorry. I don't know how old you are, or what your living situation is. I moved out when I was 18. Living well truly is the best revenge, I promise.

Shannon said...


Anonymous said...

Hugs from me, also.
I'm blessed to have a wonderful mother. If I treat my girls half as well as she has always treated me, they will be lucky, lucky children.
I hope you do realize that it's not you. Mom has a problem that many people have: she's unhappy with herself so picking you apart makes her feel better.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain . I too,just like Cheryl, moved out when I was 18 ...It was just unbareable and still is. Big hugs to you and please just KNOW that you are good enough .Be strong and move on :)

Anonymous said...

Be strong and move out as soon as you can support yourself. Don't let her bitterness get to you. Live your life well and surround yourself with positive influences and most of all....don't let anyone make you feel guilty for your feelings towards her. If, at some point in your life, you decide to avoid her toxic self, don't let anyone tell you that you 'should see her because she's your mother' Never feel guilt for your very valid hurt feelings.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you know you deserve better. I hope you have a good network of people around you - mentors, teachers, strong positive women who love you for the great young woman you are!
I cannot stress therapy enough. A good therapist will give you more tools to help you deal with your mother. Many have a sliding scale and your mother never has to know.
Good luck sweetie.