Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Distant Secrets

Posted by HBM.

I have a secret. I can whisper this secret to you, my friends, because that's what we do down here. Tell secrets. Share stories.

I told a story over here, at my sweet friend Leah's house. I'm a little embarassed by it - a lot embarassed by it, tho' the embarassment is bracing, and good - which is why I'm only whispering about it, here, in the dim light and shaggy comfort of the Basement. It's a story from when I was young, very young; from when I didn't know any better, as they say. From when I was striving to know better - about love, about life - and was confused. It's almost painful to look at, but it's honest, and it is - it was - me.

Go, see, and tell me what you think.

But be gentle.


Anonymous said...

I'm struck by youthfulness. It embarrases me to admit that I feel light years away from my 20-year-old self, although I'm not that old. Wow. Passion and Principle.

ewe are here said...

Young. Intense. Felt everything so deeply. Confused.

Weren't we all at that age?
I know I was. :-)
Which makes me suspect that we're not supposed to know better... it's something we learn over time. And experience.

Anonymous said...

You should be proud that you had strong convictions at such a young age. That you believed you could and would give up something for someone you loved. some "adults" can't even do that.

Jess said...

My God, you were a writer even then.

moplans said...

Oh yes passion and principles.
I miss mine sooo much.
I felt the same angst but could never have come up with the same words.

mamatulip said...

I thought the same thing when I read your post yesterday that daysgoby did -- man, even in your youth, you could write like the Dickens.

Anonymous said...

I commented at leahpeah's. You are brave and wonderful, both then and now.

leahpeah said...

i'm so glad you decided to do this. i wish you could come to a live show so that you could feel the embracing 'we know exactly how you feel right now' feeling. everyone in the audience is sharing and laughing and loving. it's a really great way to let it all go. i hope you can feel it a little from all the readers on my site. xoxo

Melanie D. said...

It doesn't seem too odd to me - only because my only diaries (especially age 17-21) were filled with Oh poor me - and Please love me - and Why doesn't he love me - and so on. I thought your writing was beautiful. I can see it through your own 18 year old eyes. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Looking back at who we were is such a hard/wonderful thing. It's also empowering/embarrassing. Recovering a document like that shows so much about who we were.. and who we are.

Bravo for sharing!